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CNDLS Technical Fellow | MA Candidate in Communication, Culture, and Technology | Progressive Feminist

AI and Ethics — GnoviCon 2018

Maybe you’ve learned about AI from Hollywood dystopian films or from you Facebook news feed. To many, AI can be a scary thing of the future, but whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded and interacting with AI every day. Products such as Siri and Echo are common technologies now powered by AI, as [...]

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Reading online is a great way to catch up on news and academia, but can be frustrating when you want to save or share a particularly good passage. Not anymore! Introducing, a Chrome browser extension that allows you to highlight, annotate and tag websites and PDF documents. With a free account, you can keep track [...]

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Get Creative with Canva

Have you been looking for a way to make impactful graphics, but don't want to break you budget? Canva is the solution for you! Whether you are making an infographic about your research project, a handout for a course, or a holiday card, Canva has not only the templates you need but provides you the [...]

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On WordPress Timeline Plugins

Have you ever wanted an easy and beautiful way to share a history of your work or events and conferences you've attended? Maybe you've done a creative work-around like making a photo and text timeline in Word and uploading that to your website as a photo. Yet, despite your creative solutions, the users are not [...]

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