Gather Anonymous Student Feedback in Canvas

Have you ever wondered why your students are struggling in class? Or what they would like to see in class that may help them and others? Anonymous feedback can be very beneficial in improving instructional habits, educational environments, and relationships in the classroom. Anonymous feedback is a way that students can become active participants and [...]

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Collaborative Online Learning with Zoom

In some cases during our exploration of tools for teaching and learning, we find something that is somehow both fairly simple, reliable, and flexible. Zoom is one of these cases, and many here at the University have found it to be a useful tool for meeting together digitally and remotely from the comfort and convenience [...]

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A Walkthrough of the “Webex Board”

Having had so much fun with the enigmatic “Jamboard” in our previous post, we thought we’d explore the “smart whiteboard” concept further by experimenting with Cisco’s “Webex Board”, previously known as the “Sparkboard”. Like the Jamboard, the Webex Board is focused on digitizing collaboration through an interactive display that is connected to others through the [...]

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Jamming with the Jamboard

Here at CNDLS, we’re dedicated to our effort of exploring new technologies, even those that seem the most enigmatic. This was certainly the case with the Jamboard, a relatively new product released by Google in May of last year. Prior to turning it on, one might wonder what exactly they are looking at. Is it [...]

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AI and Ethics — GnoviCon 2018

Maybe you’ve learned about AI from Hollywood dystopian films or from you Facebook news feed. To many, AI can be a scary thing of the future, but whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded and interacting with AI every day. Products such as Siri and Echo are common technologies now powered by AI, as [...]

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Canvas Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up the Dashboard

You don’t leave old parking passes, papers, or candy wrappers on the dashboard of your car. Not only does it get in the way of your driving, it’s just messy. The same goes for your dashboard on Canvas. Students and educators alike struggle with having more courses on their Canvas dashboard than they’re currently instructing [...]

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What is… the Best Way to Turn a Classroom into a Quiz Show?

Game shows have not only entertained American audiences for decades and been the subject of many a quality Saturday Night Live sketch, they can also be useful educational tools in the classroom. Playing Jeopardy or having a review game in class is an entertaining and low-stakes way for students to test their understanding of topics [...]

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Integrating Elementor Into A Custom WordPress Theme

Here at CNDLS, we recently redesigned the website for our masters program, the Master of Arts in Learning and Design (MLD). We chose to build a custom WordPress theme so that we could have maximum flexibility in the design of the site, but still have the site integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) such [...]

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Reading online is a great way to catch up on news and academia, but can be frustrating when you want to save or share a particularly good passage. Not anymore! Introducing hypothes.is, a Chrome browser extension that allows you to highlight, annotate and tag websites and PDF documents. With a free account, you can keep track [...]

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Get Creative with Canva

Have you been looking for a way to make impactful graphics, but don't want to break you budget? Canva is the solution for you! Whether you are making an infographic about your research project, a handout for a course, or a holiday card, Canva has not only the templates you need but provides you the [...]

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