Apple Releases New Screen Recording Feature

Recording lectures just became a lot easier with Apple’s latest operating system update for mobile devices. Apple users now have the ability to capture screen recordings directly from their device. This feature is available on both iPhones and iPads using iOS 11, and includes the option to record your screen with or without audio. Using the screen [...]

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On WordPress Timeline Plugins

Have you ever wanted an easy and beautiful way to share a history of your work or events and conferences you've attended? Maybe you've done a creative work-around like making a photo and text timeline in Word and uploading that to your website as a photo. Yet, despite your creative solutions, the users are not [...]

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Envisioning a community site for GU Domains

Since early 2015, Georgetown has offered the service of Georgetown Domains to students, faculty and staff. Domains is a web space meant to encourage the creation, development, and ownership of digital identities. With over 700 registered users, the Domains community is growing everyday and the site should be able to grow with it. Right now [...]

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State of Domains @ GU

Georgetown Domains is a space for personal domains and web spaces for the entire Georgetown community. Georgetown Domains is part of the Domain of One's Own (DoOO) project that was started at the University of Mary Washington to encourage the creation, development, and ownership of digital identities. Users have access to over 100 free applications, [...]

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Teaching Law Students Evidence Rules through Virtual Reality(VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) has continuously gained a lot of traction in different sectors. The ability to be able to immerse oneself in an environment and interact with it provides a lot of possibilities. Now that VR headsets are more accessible to the general public, it is certainly a new type of media to begin to [...]

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Piazza Discussion Tool

Looking for an engaging online discussion tool for your courses?  Piazza offers a number of features to promote collaboration and foster community among your students.  Students can send posts to the whole class or just their instructor.  To encourage greater student participation, it provides students two levels of anonymous posting: anonymous to all students or [...]

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Serendipity Day

Educators have started thinking about Virtual Reality (VR) as a means of creating immersive experiences for students to enhance learning. CNDLS Serendipity Day (inspired by Google’s 20 percent time) provided some members of the dev team the chance to begin exploring VR’s potential for learning. But first, we needed to understand 3D graphics, game development, [...]

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Using WordPress in your class? Here’s how to add a list of links to your students’ posts

Two of the more popular plugins used on Georgetown Commons' WordPress course blogs are the AdminWidget and AuthorWidget plugins. Instructors often want a list of students in their class, and with the AuthorWidget plugin, that list is added to the sidebar of their course blog. Additionally, each name in the list links to a list [...]

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GoAnimate, a platform for creating online animated videos

Over the past few months, CNDLS has created several videos in GoAnimate as a part of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting: The Right Questions are Key! training course. GoAnimate is a browser-based animated video creation tool that is simple enough for someone with no animation or video editing experience to use. Users [...]

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Introducing Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder is a plugin that you can install to your WordPress site. It allows you to simply drag and drop a variety of elements to your webpage. Elementor is a live frontend page builder, which means you can design your WordPress site from the 'front end,' where your users will see it, rather [...]

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