FTP, or file transfer protocol, is a standard method of transferring files from one system (like your laptop) to another (like your website). The standard has been in existence for several decades, and it’s an easy way to move a large number of files at once.

If you’re planning on installing any new plugins for your Omeka site, you’ll want to follow these steps to establish an FTP connection to your site.

Set up an FTP account

  1. Navigate to your Georgetown Domains dashboard.
  2. Select FTP Accounts from the Files menu.
  3. Selecting FTP Accounts from the Dashboard

  4. Set a user login name (this can be your NetID).
  5. Set a password.
  6. In the Directory field, remove the username from the end of the path so that it points to public_html.
  7. Click Create FTP Account.

Once completed, you should see the account in the list of existing FTP Accounts on the same page.

Configure your FTP client

If you don’t have an FTP client (software that gives you an interface for uploading/downloading files from the two systems) you can download the free and open source application Filezilla here:


From your Domains dashboard, go to the FTP Account you just created and select Configure FTP Client. You will be shown a list of settings to copy and paste into your FTP client:
Configuration information for your FTP client
FTP Username: Be sure to select the full username. For example: yourname@yourdomain.georgetown.domains

FTP server: Copy this full name and paste into the Host or Server field of your FTP Client.

FTP & explicit FTPS port: You can use port 21.

Once your enter these values into your FTP client, you should be able to connect to the file system on your Domains site.