Recording lectures just became a lot easier with Apple’s latest operating system update for mobile devices. Apple users now have the ability to capture screen recordings directly from their device. This feature is available on both iPhones and iPads using iOS 11, and includes the option to record your screen with or without audio. Using the screen capturing feature only requires a few steps (see instructions).

Apple’s screen recording feature is a great tool to incorporate into a face-to-face course, a hybrid or flipped course, or an online course.  For example, using either device, an instructor can record an introductory lecture, show the process of solving a mathematical equation, and draw a graph showing a relationship between two measures of data.  Instructors can also demonstrate a variety of exercises for students using the screen capturing feature in combination with other apps. Using an app called Paper and a stylus, instructors can create visually compelling captures (see below).

Screen recordings can also be used for drawing out scientific subjects, such as components of a cell or chemical bonds. Using illustration apps with the new screen recording feature allows instructors to convey classroom ideas graphically in ways that extend beyond traditional text in a convenient, mobile setting. 

Another notable feature that could be helpful for students is the ability to record the process of annotation, such as marking up an essay.  Instructors can now walk students through written documents, highlighting and annotating important concepts along the way, recording the process as it is happening.  Students can, of course, make valuable use of the screen recording feature as well. Some potential ideas include using it for peer-to-peer instructions or creating assignments in a creative way.

These are just a few potential ideas. Apple’s new screen recording feature is a user-friendly program that adds both mobility and versatility to teaching.