You don’t leave old parking passes, papers, or candy wrappers on the dashboard of your car. Not only does it get in the way of your driving, it’s just messy. The same goes for your dashboard on Canvas.

Students and educators alike struggle with having more courses on their Canvas dashboard than they’re currently instructing or enrolled in. It can be a pain to have to sift through “Principles of Microeconomics” and “Intro to European History” from three years ago just to locate this semester’s courses at the bottom of the page.

While you can’t unenroll from courses on Canvas, you can easily tidy up your dashboard to display only your active courses and hide all other course cards you no longer need. You can also customize each course card and assign them a nickname or unique color.

Customizing Your Course List

  1. Log onto Canvas and on the Global Navigation panel on the left of your screen, click on Courses.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your course list and click on the All Courses link. This should bring you to a page that lists all of your courses, past and present.


  1. Find the courses you want to view on your dashboard and click the star icon on the left of the course name. Courses with filled stars are your “favorites” and will show up on your dashboard. You are unable to favourite a course that you either do not have access to or is unpublished on Canvas.


  1. Courses you were previously enrolled in will automatically be favorited. To unfavorite the course, click on the star until it is unfilled.

  1. Click on Dashboard in your Global Navigation panel on the left of your screen. You dashboard should now only display the cards for your favorited courses.

Note: While you can customize which courses show up on your dashboard, you are unable to change the order in which they are displayed. Canvas is programmed to display courses in alphabetical order.


There’s More!

Canvas offers a number of other ways you can customize your dashboard, including giving courses nicknames, changing the color of the course card, and adding a course image.