This past Thursday, the dev team made progress on two fronts:

1) If you recall from one of our recent blog posts, we met with the World Bank MOOC PI, Professor Billy Jack, to get a sense of the type of statistial simulations he is planning for the course. One of the concepts he’s teaching is understanding the shape of normal distributions. Here’s a demo we plan to share with Prof. Jack to see if this is in line with his thoughts:

Normal distribution

In this simulation, you will see the shape of a normal distribution curve. The separate dots you see are data points within a randomly generated dataset, and their values align to roughly form the shape of the curve. There are two sliders to play with—one for the mean, and one for the standard deviation—, each of which will change the shape of the curve based on their values.

Once we hear from Prof. Jack, we’ll move forward with either adjusting the simulation, or creating new ones.

2) The GUx Dashboard now shows video activity and problem set activity:

GUx Dashboard

If you click on any of the individual courses from the Courses dropdown menu (top right in the black navigation bar), you’ll see links for either Videos or Problems under the course slug (top left widget on an individual course page).

The video activity table shows stats like the duration of each video, the number of times a video was viewed, and the percentage of participants that viewed the video.

The problem activity table shows the question prompt, the number of participants that answered the question, and the percentage of participants that answered correctly.

At the top of each table is a link to get back to the individual course page, or you can click on the “GeorgetownX Dashboard” text in the top left of the black navigation bar to return to the homepage.

We’re still pushing on updates, so keep checking for more changes!