Have you ever wondered why your students are struggling in class? Or what they would like to see in class that may help them and others? Anonymous feedback can be very beneficial in improving instructional habits, educational environments, and relationships in the classroom. Anonymous feedback is a way that students can become active participants and voices in the classroom without feeling alienated. It also helps guide instructors in their own teaching craft and can be a powerful tool in achieving student success.

Although Canvas provides multiple ways for students to provide feedback to instructors (messages, discussions, assignments), it does not offer a way for students to do this anonymously.  Using a Google Form, however, you can create your own anonymous online feedback box within your Canvas course sites.

Follow these instructions to create an anonymous feedback form using Google Forms for your Canvas course sites.

Create an Anonymous Feedback Google Form

1. To get started, log in to your Georgetown Google Apps account (if you are not already logged in) and select Google Forms: In the upper right corner, click on the grid icon, and scroll down to the purple Forms icon.

2. Click on the blank form icon.  You will be prompted to add questions to your form. You can add a short answer or paragraph response question to gather feedback. Create additional questions as needed.

3. Customize your settings by clicking on the settings button (gear wheel icon) on the upper right corner of the form. To ensure the feedback collected is anonymous use the settings below on your Google Form.

4. After customizing the form, embed it directly into your Canvas course by clicking on the send button on the top right of the screen and then the <  > button to show the HTML code.  Highlight and copy the Embed HTML link.


Create Anonymous Feedback Page in Canvas

5. Log in to Canvas and navigate to the Canvas course site in which you wish to add the anonymous feedback form.

6. Create a new page in your Canvas course site.

7. Click on the HTML Editor link in the new page window.

8. Paste the link you copied from your Google Form into the text box. Click Save.

9. You should now see the Google Form on your Canvas page.  If you are ready to make it available to students, click back on Edit and select Save & Publish.

10. To see the anonymous responses at any time, go to Google Forms.

11. You can also test your form in your Canvas course site by first entering Student View, then submitting a sample feedback form.

Review Anonymous Feedback Responses

12. To review submitted responses, go into your Google Drive and open your anonymous feedback form. Click on the ‘Responses’ tab.

From here, you can also receive email notifications for new responses. Click on the three button settings and select “Get email notifications for new responses”.

Anonymous feedback forms can provide helpful insights to help better manage and create a learning environment that will enable your students to progress and succeed.

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