Georgetown Domains is a space for personal domains and web spaces for the entire Georgetown community. Georgetown Domains is part of the Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) project that was started at the University of Mary Washington to encourage the creation, development, and ownership of digital identities. Users have access to over 100 free applications, like WordPress and Omeka, that assist them in creating and maintaining their own websites.

Currently with 663 members, Georgetown Domains users include students, faculty and campus organizations. As over 60% of the users are students, the remaining members are faculty and staff representing 54 different departments. When Domains started at Georgetown in 2015, most of the first members tried to create personal WordPress blogs. While WordPress is still the most popular application installed by members, the focus of the web spaces created now are to promote people, their interests and their work. Many personal portfolios and class project sites are developed and hosted every semester on Georgetown Domains.

A great collaboration between the President’s Office, the Office of Communications, UIS, the History Department and CNDLS, Domains also hosts Georgetown’s Slavery Archive. As a part of Georgetown’s plan for engaging in the University’s history, the Domain makes the research of the Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation available to everyone. The website explores the role of slavery at Georgetown and promotes discussions on the topic online and at events. The group’s report of recommendations for how the University should engage in discussions of this past in the future with members of the entire community and descendants. The site also links to the Domain of History Professor Adam Rothman and his Omeka site that hosts archival materials pertaining to the relationship between the local Jesuits, Georgetown, and slavery.

The popularity of Domains is starting to rise. The number of members has risen in the past 6 months by over 250. These new users are producing many amazing Domain spaces that supplements the work of the community from the past few years. A significant portion of the new content is due to one professor in particular.

This past semester Professor Ami Gates required her four Introduction to Information Technology classes and her Analytical Data Visualization class to sign up for Georgetown Domains. The resulting creativity from the students was overwhelming but there are a few web spaces on Domains inside and outside of those classes that deserve to be recognized.

Bserat Ghebremicael from Professor Gates’s Intro class created a site to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet. He provides recipes and how-to videos for “clean eating” and for every meal of the day including snacks, smoothies, and protein shakes.

It isn’t only computer science students that are taking advantage of the Domains space. Biology student Maya McCoy created a Scratch-type game about the effects of greenhouse gasses. The game includes four levels which require the user to “code” to reach the desired effect for each idea.

The Communication, Culture and Technology Master’s program runs the Georgetown Forum Radio group out of the Domain of its curator and First Year student, Holly Koch. The Domain contains the podcast episodes that the group creates. There may only be two episodes uploaded right now but there are more in the works.

The people who have Domains are given the space to be creative and create a digital presence.